Jun 29, 2012
Hello guys, i recently got BLACK OPS for PC, but im very dissapointed with it. I dont know if its my PC or if its the game. My pc specs :

CPU : AMD FX6100 Six Core 3.30ghz
RAM: 10 GB
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti 1gb

So i start the game, and the game lags like *** i tried another servers, everthing, even tried the resolution (LOW) and the game still lags, its not smooth at all dont know why, and i noticed a little of Mouse Lag while aiming. I saw some videos on youtube guys with better PC than mine and they say the game is Horrible Coded and it lags so freaking bad.
My question is : Is my PC the problem? Or its the game itself?
Thanks in Advance.

(EDIT) : No one have this problem? :( Its just me? At least tell me if my pc is capable of running this game perfectly. Thanks in advance.


May 23, 2011
Yeah its the game, the Black ops wasn't ported to the pc very well, the minimum specs are bloated too. If you wanna play that game get it on the consoles. Black Ops 2 will hopefully be ported better.