Question Black screen / after booting during OS installation

Apr 2, 2022

PC Specs
OS: Win 10-64bit home
MB: MSI Z97-G45 Gaming - 7 Year old
CPU: i7 4790K - 7 Year old
GPU: MSI R9 290X 4G - 7 Year old
Memory: Corsair 2x 16GB KIT DDR3 1600 MHz CL10 Vengeance - 2 year old
PSU: Corsair CX 750M - 7 Year old
SSD: 496 GB ADATA >1 year old
HDD:2TB WD >1 year old

Issue which I experienced was that after boot screen went black, after restarting several times, I tried to reinstal windows where MSI first screen was with stripes.

And after several minutes screen went black again during windows 10 repair process.

Actions I tried was replace GPU with RX 5700 XT this GPU was also previously used in that setup. Still during reinstallation of Windows screen went black.
Removed all unecessary peripherals as USB Wifi , bluetooth keyboard and mouse - replaced them with wired ones.

I tried GPU in another computer it booted but after several minutes (2-3 or so) screen went black with "no signal"

I suspect faulty GPU but I am also worried if this issue might come from also broken PCIE slot or somehow broken motherboard also I was thinking if there might be issue with age of PSU and that it worn off.

I would be grateful for any suggestions what to try. I am also reconsidering buying new GPU for that PC but before that I want to make sure that it won't get destroyed right after installing it into that setup.