Question Black Screen after enabling GPU Scaling

Sep 15, 2021
Hi guys, I need help. this is the first time I'm using this forum

Today my monitor is showing black screen. This happen immediately when i switch from Enable to Disable GPU, then when i switch back to Enabling GPU Scaling on AMD Program my monitor turn to black screen.

If anyone ask me why I did that, I have no excuse

I try to hard restart after waiting for like 10 minutes but it still on black screen so I also cannot access bios. The beep was there.

I tried to reset CMOS, still black screen

And one thing, on my motherboard there is no error LED on cpu, dram, vga, nor boot

My spec
AMD Ryzen 5 5600x (new)
MSI B550 Pro Dash (new)
Radeon 560 4GB (2018)
Memory Dual Channel 2x8GB (2018)
Power Supply 650W (new)
Generic Monitor, try to switch monitor but it is still the same

I just reinstalled windows and all the driver is up tp date