Question Black screen after enabling secure boot

Rui Neves

Sep 20, 2014
So I was having issues on my Windows 11 today ... So I was trying to install it again , do a fresh install . It seems that the microsoft official way requires that you enable secure boot and disable csm , so I did ... Settings saved then ... Black screen !! The fans Turn on , the ram leds turn on , the hdd's spin , so all components seem to be fine ... But just black screen. The gpu fans spin but the gpu was giving me some troubles on past days , some times I have artifacts on screen , even today I had , twice ...
I've tried to remove cmos battery many times , did a clear cmos twice , tried to get image on a tv with a different cable ... Running the pc without hdd or ssd , removing and installing gpu again , nothing worked so far .... I already did so many Windows installations on laptops , desktops , tablets , never seen anything like this !! This is non sense !

What could be the issue ? And how to fix it ? There's a possibility of a big coicidence and my gpu died just when I did the steps to install Windows ?

AOC monitor with 21" and freesync , 75hz
Gigabyte b450 gaming X
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 (with RGB) at 3200mhz with XMP profile 1 enabled
XFX RX 580 GTS XXX 4gb
Bitfenix formula gold 550w
3 hdd´s from WD ,(1 wd green , 1wd black ,1 wd blue)
1 ssd ( kingston a400 120gb)