Question Black screen after few mins of playing any game

Apr 16, 2020
lately, I have been getting this problem where after 5-10 mins of playing any game the computer screen would go black, the PC itself stays on tho, fans keep spinning and also interestingly I can sometimes hear the background music of the game (note that I should be hearing more than just that usually) this problem also came suddenly I used to be able to run most of these games perfectly normal, at first I thought that it might be a power supply problem so I bought a new Corsair CX650M PSU but the problem continued which lead me to believe it might be from the GPU, I tried reinstalling the graphics drivers and removing the GPU and cleaning it but no luck. any help?

here are the specs they are pretty low end tho:

GTX 750Ti Zotac
h310m gigabyte S2h
8gb rams
Corsair CX650M

Thanks, in advance and sorry if my grammar isn't that good, English isn't my native language.
Download the latest drivers for your GPU place them on your desktop get
Display Driver Uninstaller from here
remove everything after restarting it will probably be 640x480 not great instal your AMD/NVIDIA drivers and might fix your problem