Question Black screen after GPU install ?

Apr 15, 2021
Hi! I recently made a build from my spare parts from older working builds. Pc boots up normally and works as intended with integrated graphics. I plugged in a gtx 650 and after this my screen is black. Im pretty sure the pc boots normally because i could access bios menu and restart it with a keyboard. So only thing missing is video from screen. I cant see anything not even the acer text at the start of the bootup

My rig:
Acer ms-7869 ver 1.0
8gb 1600mhz ram
1tb hdd
Asus gtx 650 2gb
CX430w/liteon 500w
Windows 10 Home

Things ive tried already:

  1. Disabled secure boot and silent boot from bios menu
  2. Tried another graphics card (same model gtx 650 2gb i have 2 and both same issue)
  3. Switched back to mbs original gpu gt 705 and with that windows starts normally and you can see everything so pcie should be good?
  4. Disabled intel graphics in safe mode (minimal) without gpu and switched off and plugged gpu.
5.Uninstalled intel and nvidia graphic drivers with driver uninstaller software in safe mode (minimal) without the gpu in, then switched the pc off and plugged in the gpu.
  1. Updated bios to the newest version from manufacturers website (acer bios)
  2. Switched PSU
  3. Checked both psus with another build
  4. Checked both gpus with another build
  5. Loaded bios default settings with and without gpu on
  6. BIOS reset with gpu on and off
  7. Booted with monitor cable in hdmi on gpu and mb
  8. Booted with every other cable format in gpu and mb (dont remember the names but black, white and blue cables)
  9. Tried another monitor with all the cables
I have tried everything i found at the forums so help is highly appreciated :)