Question Black screen after installing PCIe NIC?

Sep 10, 2020

I am facing a problem whenever I am installing an Intel NIC, x540 T2, on my system. It is an i5 10400 on a gigabyte B460m gaming HD motherboard. Without the card, the PC boots without any problems. I install my OS and it runs perfectly. I have changed the initial display output to IGFx and enabled internal graphics in the bios, but when I put my NIC, it just gives me a black screen.

I tried it on another PC, an Intel i5 9400 on a Gigabyte B365M DS3H and I got the same issue. This system had a NIC installed before and worked fine then. Took the card out and everything works. BIOS settings were set to IGFx as initial display.

This points to the NIC being the only common factor, so I put it in another system which had a NIC installed, an i5 9400 with a gigabyte h370 wifi. And it booted up fine. I tried swapping the cards but the same issue.

So, in conclusion, two systems are working fine on their own but give a black screen when I install a NIC, and the same NIC works fine on a third system. One of the non working systems had a NIC installed previously and it worked before.

I'm completely stumped and any help on the matter would be appreciated.