[SOLVED] Black Screen After Login -- Task manager works, just no desktop

Apr 4, 2019
System was working fine with GUI interface for a couple years. Then one day i found that when i login to sys. it just has a black screen. I can get to task mgr. via cntrl/alt/del and do most anything i want, however no matter what i have tried, and it has been many things, can't seem to get the gui to come back, Please Advise, with a old clone of sys. it works fine, verifying that all hardware is fine...

Fixed !!! see below for what cured mine...

after tons of fixes suggested on the internet with none fixing, i did a repair to a program called classic shell that had been on the sys. for some months, but i had got thinking that something in the shell was corupt. So i did that repair to classic shell, then through task manager i told it to run new task of userinit.exe and BAM it is Back Baby !!!! hope this helps someone or takes you to the shell as poss. the problem..
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Likely you could just as well have uninstalled and then reinstalled Classic shell. So far, every time Windows 10 has done a major update I have had to reinstall Classic shell afterwards or it either caused issues or didn't work at all. After uninstalling and reinstalling, even though it has not been officially supported with updates for a while now, it has worked fine every time. I suspect that even some minor changes and updates could have the same affect if they are changes or updates that affect the shell in any way.