Black screen after motherboard splash screen


Feb 22, 2013
Hi everyone and thanks for all the help so far on my first build. I have had issues booting the comp twice now. The first time was after updating all my drivers and the second time after installing some windows updates. The computer will boot, show the motherboard splash screen, and then go black; the activity light does nothing and it doesn't seem like I can hear the hdd do anything. The first time I tinkered around with it rebooting over and over trying to unplug things and it worked after unplugging the case fans and fan controller(i believe this was just coincidence). I shut it down after that and plugged them in; worked just fine for another week. It did this same thing after updating windows. Again, I played with it for a few minutes with no success and decided to go to sleep. The next morning it booted up fine and has been working fine since then.

Here is the computer:

Also: Ever since the first time this happened, the cpu fan has been revving just a little bit when it first boots. It seems like its maybe getting a bit too much juice or something right at boot, spinning up to fast. It is not persistent, just one millisecond rev. I had to order a patch cable to get the cpu power cord to reach around the back of the case, enabling the installation of the gpu. I will try taking the patch cable out of the equation when I get back from work.

Thanks everyone in advance for any ideas or help.