Black screen after splash/before login HELP!

Hi I really need some help here. Been trying to fix this for hours now. So, this morning I was gaming a bit, playing Cryostasis which I got for super cheap from the sale on Steam. You can see my system specs in my signature. You'll notice that I have a PhysX card running with ATI. The game itself has been having some freezing issues, I looked online and read there was PhysX freezes but the 1.1 patch was supposed to fix it, and that's the version from Steam. So anyway, it was running ok for a while and then the game froze up during one of the "dream sequences". I had no option but to do a hard reboot (previous freezes allowed me to ctrl+alt+del and close it). After this, I saw the windows splash/loading screen, and then the screen goes blank at the login screen. I don't see anything but I hear the chime sound. I can even login but again no video signal - the monitor can't find an input.

I rebooted into safe mode and it worked. I then ran Driver Sweeper and deleted all my ATI, Nvidia, and PhysX drivers completely. After that, I rebooted and I can get into windows with a normal login, but not again after that as it will automatically install some ATI drivers. I've treid reinstalling 10.6 and 10.5 multiple times but after install it always goes to blank screen at login. It certainly seems like a driver issue, but the drivers have been working fine for a couple months. One thing I noticed is that now when I run the Catalyst driver installs, it fails at the end trying to do the "Drag and Drop Transcoding" which I know is a Windows feature so maybe that's a part of the problem.

I've taken out my Nvidia card completely to rule out incompatibility issues. I've taken off the Crossfire bridge and even removed the 2nd card. As I stated, I've completely deleted everything relating to ATI and Nvidia and tried a fresh driver install of the ATI drivers with no luck.

Searching the internet hasn't been very helpful. I've read of people getting the blank screen after login but mine is different as it's occurring before I'm able to see the login page. I found one response where it appears the poster had the exact same issue as me and nothing could fix it, except for a system restore... Somehow, however, I don't have any restore points... I've seen it say it was creating restore points (such as before a windows update) but when I went deeper into the options I found that there was 0HDD space allotted so it probably tried to make a point then didn't save anything (I've now allotted space).

Seems like the only option I have right now is to do a reinstall of Win 7 and hopefully be able to copy over most of my files... although anything requiring an install is a huge pain in the butt since simply copying won't actually install it.

Anyway, sorry for the long winded post... if anyone knows anything that can help fix this a lot easier please let me know. Thanks.
Well I bit the bullet and completely reinstalled windows. Boo... so much time going to be wasted getting back up and running now. The good news tho, is it did work. No idea what the issue was but it's fixed. I'm also trying to make sure the restore points work... appears to be ok, set to 10% HDD usage and it appears I have already many save points. Pretty shitty that it didn't get set the first time around :(


Feb 9, 2010
Hello Wolfram23,

Sounds like hardware issues, you will need to physically take out the hardware(e.g. sound cards, tv tuner, etc.) just start system with only the bare motherboard, video, ram and hard drive.

Make sure you have the latest drivers, but not beta drivers.

Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads available there for additional assitance and support.

John M
Microsoft Windows Client Team

Well, thanks for a reply, but I did try those things. Definitely something in windows was corrupted. I fresh installed Win 7 and now it's working just fine with all the same hardware, video card drivers and settings. Big pain in the butt, but it did fix it.


Sep 12, 2012
if anybody else having similiar problem then he/she should just press F8/F11 depending on the version of windows you are using and select repair my computer option then select repair my startup...and wait for about 20 mins as the process goes on....then your windows will work fine....

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