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Question Black screen after uninstalling graphics drivers, some weird behaviour from new 2080ti

Jun 9, 2020
So I recently got a brand new founders edition 2080ti and installed it in my PC. (8600k, z390 aorus elite, 16gb ram, 650w PSU) I encountered some really odd stuff. First of all I went about it wrong, I just pulled my 1080ti and threw in the 2080ti without uninstalling drivers. It booted right to windows, then I installed 2080ti drivers. On the reboot it was a completely blank screen. No life from my monitor at all while my PC seemed to be stuck in the bios somewhere not getting into windows. Or at least I never heard any typical usb sounds.

I would press the power button and it would take 5 seconds or so and shut off and I turned it on several times and it was the same thing. I proceeded to try and reseat the graphics card. After that it booted into windows with the Microsoft basic driver.

It would give me random black screens, then when I tried to launch BFV it would give me a black screen, then like 10fps and some freezing later it would just crash to desktop. I realized I shouldn't have just installed the new GPU without uninstalling using DDU first. I unplugged from the internet then ran DDU, it deleted my driver's then asked for a reboot. On reboot it was a black screen and after several restarts I reseated the car and reconnected the internet and it loaded into windows with the Microsoft basic driver after another 2 restarts. I even tried plugging the monitor via HDMI into my mobo and couldn't get a display. After ddu bfv runs great and most games do in general and I don't experience much issues.

Now there's a few odd behaviours that never happened with my 1080ti. For example when superposition benchmark menu is open it appears to have super low fps and my mouse ghosts around. During the benchmark it's fine, and during extended gaming it's fine, but I get very infrequent black screens when loading games. Like it kicks my monitor out and it displays it's input as if it just got plugged in. During startup today it seemed to go black while loading windows and doing some strange stuff but then it worked fine.

What exactly is causing the Black screens and struggle to get any GPU driver to load and why would reseating it work? Or was this just a coincidence and it was actually downloading GPU drivers in the background? Is this hardware issues with my 2080ti?


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

We're going to need a little more information. Please include/list your specs like so:

Make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard. Also, how old is your PSU? You mentioned the wattage but you didn't mention the make and model of the unit.