Question Black Screen after upgrading RAM

May 10, 2021
I got 32gb (2x16gb) of Corsair Vengeance RBG pro sl to upgrade by computer from oloy 16 gb, and it just goes to a black screen.
When I turn the computer on all the fans run, my graphics care boots up normally, and the cpu cooler is running. None of my motherboards error lights come on.
I've made sure the RAM is properly seated. I can't get into bios. I tried putting in the old RAM and that ended up the same. I've tried leaving my computer to sit to see if the screen eventually comes up. I've tried switching out the monitor to see if that was the problem. I tried taking out and putting back the GPU. I tried clearing CMOS.

Motherboard: asrock b550m/ac
cpu: Ryzen 3700x
gpu: pny geforce rtx 3060 ti