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Question Black screen and AMD driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered

Jul 12, 2020
Okay so i just change my motherboard into G31 with Core 2 Duo E7500 as the proccessor and my VGA is ATI RADEON R7 240 (its old, i know xD)
The problems start with a static flickering line on the top of the screen (the image appear in the monitor is static too) when i played a game called Osu!.
What makes me intrigued is when i tried to play Online (it has Solo and Multiplayer feature) , after a few plays my monitor went black screen and showing a vertical line, but the music is completely on.
After a few seconds, or i tried to click my mouse, it became clear again BUT still a blackscreen dekstop with error "Display driver AMD driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered".
The thing is, even it says successfully recovered, its still the same (blackscreen with error) over and over again until my PC decides to shows a BlueScreen.
I am very confused and at the same time intrigued. Maybe someone here's can explain to me what i must do to clear this.
Thank you!!