Question Black screen and CPU fans moves very fast while gaming.

Apr 14, 2021
Hi, I've got a problem with a computer. I've been having random (and not random, I'll explain it later) black screens and I have to manually restart the PC when it happens It happens on two occasions:

First: While gaming It randomly does it, It's not after long sessions, I can play 6 hours without it happening and It can happen on the first game of the day, doesn't matter if It's a game with high graphics or lower.
Second: If I give a small hit accidentally to the computer It usually happens, for example If the pc it's on and I hit it with the mouse arm unintentionally.

An extended description of the problem: The screen goes black and the GPU fans increase their RPM I can still hear my mates on discord and they can still hear me for a couple of seconds, then I have to manually power off the computer and turn it back on.

I've tried the following:

  • I've checked temperatures while gaming and idle, nothing strange everything seemed normal, also I mainly play league of legends, which is not a game that requires high specs
  • Thought it could be my graphics card (RX 580) malfunctioning so instead of having two displays plugged decided to just having one while gaming, it happens anyway
  • Reinstalled drivers
  • Cleaned internally the computer of dust
  • Unplugged and replugged the 6-pin conector of my card to ensure it was connected properly, didn't fix the issue.
Anyone has any idea of what could be causing it? After days researching I've just found that it may be caused either by PSU or motherboard malfunctioning, with the quarantine and all this stuff going right now, I can't afford buying a brand new PSU plus a new motherboard and still having the same issue, so I need to be sure about what's causing the problem, I don't have another suitable PSU or another graphics card to test, that's an issue as well.

(These problems did not occur before it started happening just 1 day ago. And its bothering me very much.)

Computer specs:
  • Processor i5 3470
  • RX 580
  • PSU 700W
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards
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