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Jun 11, 2020
Every time I go to open a game once the game is just about done loading the computer’s screen goes black, and my GPU fans ramp up. They stay like that for about 10 min, then the pc reboots, runs into the BSoD, then reboots after a while and is fine. If I press and hold down the power button to force shutdown my computer then robot it, I don’t get the BSoD. Can anyone please help me?

My system specs:
• Ryzen 7 3800x (4.45 GHz, no OC)
• 40 Gb ram (2600MHz, XMP and OC)
• 3x Sata SSD’s
• NVMe M.2 (1 Tb, boot)
• Radeon RX 580 (8Gb, no OC)
• EVGA 850-watt PSU (Just a year old)
• MSI x470 Gaming Plus
• 5 case fans
• 2 RGB led strips (+ motherboard RGB)
Windows 10
What I have tried:
• Using only one set of ram sticks
• Using different GPU ports and cables
• Using another monitor
• Rolling back recently installed drivers
• Uninstalling and reinstalling GPU drivers
• Using old GPU drives that I know worked at the time
• Updating windows and every driver on my pc
• Did a full virus scan (Kaspersky)
• Disabled all background processes when starting up a game
• Tweaked Radeon Soft where
• Uninstalled MIS Afterburner
• Reinstalled MSI Afterburner
• Disabled ram XMP profiles
• Tested voltages using HWiNFO64
• Note: I can still play two games, Minecraft and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (both tested with free sync on and off, as well at different refresh rates)
• During a benchmark in Shadow of the Tomb Raider GPU temps are: 35-50C and CPU temps are: 45-50 C
• Disabled FreeSycn
• Reenabled FreeSync and tested different refresh rates (59HZ, 60HZ and 144HZ)
• Tried moving the GPU to a different PCI slot
• Increasing the power and temp limits on the GPU
• Underclocking the GPU
• Verifying the game files for the games that keep crashing my pc (Using Steam)
• Plugged pc into a power bar and a different outlet (same room)
• Tried running different power cables from PSU to GPU
• Disabled fast boot
I have included a drop box link with all of the files from my testing.
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