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Question Black screen and resolution problem.

Nov 13, 2019
Hello. I have problem with starting 2 pc games. The problems started couple days ago out of nothing.
The first game is League of Legends. When I start the launcher it appears as this - View: https://i.imgur.com/qQn3ujLl.jpg
. I can move the box but can't do anything with it.
The other game is Red Dead Redemption 2. I didnt have any issues with the game since the launch /even when a lot of people had at the launch a week ago/ but now when the game starts it appears as a black screen and the background sound of the menu/in game is playing. I can navigate around the menu blindly and actually start the game and "play" in the dark.
I uninstalled LoL but it didnt help. No point to do the same with RDR2.
My GPU drivers are up to date. I just updated to latest Win10 updates /havent done it for long time - I dont like them/ as they suggest in the Troubleshooter of both games but it didnt help. I have scanned the laptop couple of times with Malwarebytes and Immunet - no viruses.
The laptop was plugged to the TV with HDMI and I read in few other sites about people with similar problems after unplugging it. Something about the GPU coundnt recognize the right monitor or something ?
Laptop is Acer Aspire VX15
Intel i7-7700HQ 2.80GHz
nVidia 1050 GTX.

Help, please :|