Apr 11, 2019
So a few weeks ago I installed my new graphics card I bought ATI Radeon 4650 I had no problems installing it the first time I installed the drivers plugged shutdown the computer and then plugged the dvi to vga cable into the monitor and card everything's going fine then I change the resolution to something incompatible with vga and all hell breaks loose first I try uninstalling the drivers but then when I reintstall them I get a black screen on the monitor with a yellow light emitting like it's on standby oh and I had to reinstall windows because I overcomplicated the process of fixing it thinking it might help but it didn't I've gotten the same screen each time I've even tried uninstalling my onboard card before installing the new drivers nothing has worked i tried updating the BIOS because some people say that helps didn't work my only options are the pci slot got broken somehow or the card did or the motherboard is causing the issue or the cord did none show signs of physical damage though and the card fan spins when it's plugged in.

Btw specs are amd athlon b95 quad core CPU

ATI Radeon 4650 ddr3 graphics card

240w hp PSU 6 pin

6gb ram

And the onboard card is 4200