Question Black screen, can it be fixed ?

Jan 15, 2023
For 2 says now my system Will not start. I get a black screen just after the bios screen.
It happen er after a Windows update. But i think i have a serious problem. I have tried tot clear CMOS but it hat no effect, also pulled the CMOS batterij and replaced it after 5 minutes witte no result.
I tried tot start it up just with one memory stick also no result. I tried to start up with the build in graphic Card on the MB and removed the gtx970 but no result.
Then i tried to start the system without anything connected, so i disconnected the data cables. But this results also still in a black screen
The system Starts and i get the bios screen but then it turns into a black screen , sometimes if u start it up without the sata cables connected, i get the bios screen and it say prepairing automatic repair and then after a few seconds it goes into a black screen.

Can anybody help me please?