Question Black screen crash and buzzing sound from speakers while playing demanding games.

Dec 23, 2022
(English not my first language, sorry for spelling mistakes)
I’ve recently bought a used Asus TUF 6900xt, when the seller came I did all the stress test I knew (heaven benchmark, superposition) and even played games (GTA, Apex Legends) I let heaven run for 30 minutes before buying the 6900xt and did 2 superposition benchmarks that scored within the normal parameters of a 6900xt.
Now I’m having issues playing triple A games that are more demanding for example Forza Horizon 5 and Call of Duty Warzone, I get black screen and a buzzing sound from the speakers. I’ve timed the crashes and, in both games, crash around 3 to 10 minutes of gameplay (not counting in-game menus) and I have to restart the PC
The crash only happens with heavy games and other games like: Overwatch 2, Apex Legends Rainbow 6 Siege and even my heavily modded skyrim won’t generate any type of crash, I’ve let Heaven Benchmark run for 120 minutes no crash, also superposition on 4k optimized 3 benchmarks and no crash. GPU Temps stay below 75C and Hot spot(junction temp) around 93C
I’ve tried everything I know or found on YouTube videos, forum post, etc.
I’ve done the following:​
Uninstall and install drivers with DDU.​
Uninstall and install older drivers with DDU.​
Underclocked GPU from 2488 in game to 2230hz with Afterburner​
Lowered Power limit.​
Disabled ULPS​
Change cables (been using DP 1.4 and changed to HDMI, and also the other way round)​
Tried different monitors.​
Replaced the PSU, first PSU EVGA 750w Bronze and second PSU Gigabyte 1000w Gold​
Turned Resizable BAR on and off on bios.​
Switched GPU hw toggle from performance to quiet mode and viceversa​
Changed Fan speed.​
Gpu power cables connected correctly (using 2 cables)​
Windows power set on Performance​
I’m going crazy trying to figure it out, Windows event viewer doesn’t show any type of crash or error that matches the time of the crash.
If I’m guessing right, the Vram would be the issue??? The only common thing between Forza and Cod Warzone is the high Vram Usage
PC specs:
Intel I5-10600KF (not overclocked) / Kingston Fury 16gb of ram at 3200hz/ Asus Prime Z590-P / Asus TUF 6900xt / PSU Gigabyte 1000w Gold / Main display 34" ultrawide 3440x1440p on DP1.4

P.D. Seller wont take it back as he says it works fine