Question Black screen crash at moment of game launching ?

Nov 9, 2021

Several months ago, I bought an AMD RX 580 (already used), and everything was working fine with it. But 2 days ago, I tried the cryptomining on my pc, I liked it, so I tried to overclock my pc to make more money.
After trying to OC my GPU and the Power Limit in MSI Afterburner, my PC crashed. Then, I did relaunch the cryptominer without OC for 24 hours in a row. Then when I tried to stop it, I saw that my PC was frozen.
So I restarted it, and I launched a non high performance game, and after several minutes, my screen went black and I heared the sounds for a couple seconds. After 1 minute of waiting I decided to restart it, but still the same problem...
and on Black Ops 3, which is a high graphics game for me, my screen goes black only after the game generic.

The most strange thing is that, after the PC crashed, and returning it on, the GPU Driver isn't working, and the AMD Radeon Software doesn't detect my RX 580. I have to reinstall the Software and the GPU Driver to have them back working.

I tried to remove, reinstall, update, rollback my GPU driver and its software, still not working.
I also tried to update my GPU Bios with AMD Flash, but it says that I already have the non miner version installed.
I did also format Windows, still nothing. I searched for this problem on the net, I saw that some people had the same blackscreen issue, but none of their solutions worked for me.
Personally, I had a thought that my PSU could be the problem, because I paid it 35€ on Amazon, it has 550 Watts, and I never heard about its name before "Mars Gaming". But when I asked someone if he thinks that the problem could be the PSU, he said that he doesn't think it stems from that. (He knows some things on PCs)
So I'm asking for help here, because It is really important for me to repair this issue ! :'(

Specs :
GPU : Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 4Gb
CPU : i3 9100f
PSU : Mars Gaming 550W
RAM : 2x8 16Go 2660 Mhz
HDD 1To+HDD 500Gb

Edit : I did a check with GPU-Z, and everything is normal except the GPU Temp who reached from 31 to 511 degrees in 1 second after launching Black Ops 3 !
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PSU : Mars Gaming 550W
^ I wish people didn't buy into unreliable units.

You might want to source a PSU that has at least 650W of power for the entire system and is reliably built, like that by Seasonic or Corsair(from a friend or neighbor) to rule out your PSU being the cause of the issue. FYI, mining puts stress on all components, so mining on a system that you game on or does work that ends up paying a roof over your head isn't a good idea. You're also advised to manually set the fans on the GPU to max to prevent it cooking from the inside.

As for your specs, you forgot to mention the make and model of your motherboard. Please include the BIOS version as well as the OS. If you're on Windows 10, include the OS version(not edition).

Quite possible that your GPU said bye bye.
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