Question Black screen crash when playing games

Apr 1, 2020
I recently updated my motherboard/cpu from an i5 7500 to ryzen 5 3600 and have started running into stability issues. The system is stable at idle and non-intensive tasks, but after a few minutes of gaming, the screen turns black (signal lost) and a loud buzzing sound appears at the audio output.

System specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Mobo: asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac
RAM: Corsair vengeance lpx 2x16GB 2400MHz
GPU: Sapphire rx580 nitro+ SE
PSU: Corsair CX550M

Things I have tried so far:
Replace both mobo and CPU
Full windows 10 reinsintall
Mobo bios update to 3.70
Graphics/chipset driver updates

Clearly the issue is not the motherboard or cpu since I have already tried replacing them. I've looked around and saw that some people have had similar issues (black screen + buzzing sound) that they blamed on their GPU. However, my GPU worked perfectly in my previous system. Is their any reason a new motherboard/cpu would suddenly cause the GPU to stop working? Otherwise, the issue could be the RAM or PSU, but again I'm not sure what would be different about the new setup vs old that would cause these crashes.

Also, thermals seem fine (60-70s) for both CPU and GPU while gaming.

Any ideas?
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