Question Black Screen Crashes While Gaming

Mar 1, 2020
I haven't made one of these posts in a while, so let me know if I've left anything out or need to clarify anything.

I've had this issue with my PC where I will be playing a game and randomly my PC will black screen crash. The audio continues as if I'm still playing (sometimes for seconds and sometimes forever) and my computer stays on but the monitors go black and I can't turn anything back on. It happens at random times too. I could be one match in or 10 matches in, or it might not even crash one day, but usually when I use my PC for gaming this crash happens at least once.

I initially thought that it was a drive issue so I tried a number of different fixes on my drive. I tried to reinstall windows multiple times, clean up unnecessary files, initiate disk checking, I even used a new drive and the crashes were still pursuing.

I then tried to fix different things with my memory like moving the sticks to different slots, only keeping one stick in the motherboard, and cleaning out the sockets.

I then thought that it was probably a GPU issue because it only happened when gaming so I tried to run DDU and reinstall drivers, clean the graphics card socket, and run benchmark software which oddly did not cause a crash when left open for a couple hours. I would switch out the graphics card or use integrated graphics, but I don't have another card to use or borrow, and my CPU doesn't have integrated graphics.

At this point I'm not sure what to do to fix my problem as it's been an ongoing battle for weeks now. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated :)

PC Specs:
Ryzen 7 1700 w/ Hyper 212 EVO cooler
MSI B350M Bazooka MOBO
RX580 8GB
Samsung 1tb 860 EVO SSD
Rosewill Glacier 700W PSU

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Sep 15, 2020
i had similar <Mod Edit> happen to me you could try:
replacing gpu thermalpaste
remove psu extension and try without them
worst part is i fix this and no more crashing but only for a week it come back i have to keep fixing over and over
i got gtx1060 and i5 2500 cpu is little week might that couse crashing
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