Question Black Screen, Fans run 100%, computer needs hard reset


Feb 14, 2017
Hello, recently i built a new PC and it's been working great except on occasion i have a very annoying issue. The computer will black screen, no input or anything. The GPU fans will ramp up to 100%, and i won't be able to do anything. Only flipping the power switch on the power supply is able to turn it off. The only light that comes on on the motherboard is the DRAM light. This issue never happens when i'm actually playing games, temps are very solid running at only about 60c on the GPU when at 100%, cpu is sitting around 40-50c during this time too.

I've stress tested the CPU and haven't had any issues, i've maxed out the GPU for hours (4+ hours at 100%) with no issues. I'm at a loss for what the issue could be, i've used DDU to uninstall / reinstall GPU drivers, i've even reformatted my pc to make sure it wasn't windows. Everything is on the latest version and the bios is up to date. Nothing on the computer is overclocked and the CPU is the only thing i've tweaked, and that was just locking the voltage to 1.35 instead of the crazy voltages Ryzen 3000 has been hitting.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Ryzen 3700x
G Skill TridentZ RGB (3200)
Asus Strix 2080
Asus Crosshair VIII Hero
EVGA 850W Platinum Supernova PSU
Corsair H115i Platinum CPU Cooler