Question Black screen following windows update. Need confirmation


Oct 20, 2015
Hey folks.

Left a Windows update 2 days ago and when I came back the PC had restarted but was just on a solid black screen. I restarted the PC as I couldn't get the screen to wake up, etc but got the same again - no BIOS, no cursor, nothing.

Ive tried following various bits of advice through Google searches but no success.

So far I've tried:
  • various combination of keyboard presses to wake the screen
  • checked all cables were connected properly
  • used different single monitors rather than the usual 2
  • unplugged all USB devices and restarted with just a monitor plugged in
  • switched the ram about/used 1 stick at a time
  • removed the graphics card and tried with 1 monitor into the motherboard
  • turning it on with no ram and no graphics card (restarted itself every couple of minutes on this one)
  • reset the bios on the Mboard using jumpers - when shifting it to the second position on a 3 pin mount it wouldn't turn on
  • reset bios with the battery method

Each time it turns on it sounds like it's running fine, and the monitor isn't showing a 'no signal'. It's just a black screen. I thought maybe the update had corrupted windows or something but then i can't boot from a USB to repair if I can't get anything on the screen. So now I'm assuming it's just coincidental timing and the motherboard is done. PC has been running fine for a long time now so i wanted to be thoroughly sure of my options before committing to buying a new board.


-Asrock z97m pro4 motherboard
  • i7 4790 processor
  • gtx 1080
  • corsair cx600m power supply
  • corsair vengeance 16Gb ram
If anybody could give me advice or confirm my suspicions that would be great!