Question Black screen for a quick second then mouse stutter for a quick second


Mar 28, 2016
I have 3 monitors. I have 2 Asus vg248qe and then vg278.

Gtx 970 (waiting for new cards to come back in stock)
Corsair rmx 850w gold 80+

Both my vg248 are dvi-d and my 278 is display port. My main monitor is one of my vg248 monitors.

Recently I was trying to see if I could undervolt my chip a little bit. I did a stress test for 3 hours and everything was fine at 4.7, llc turbo and 1.192 volts. But then I restarted my computer and at the windows login screen. My main monitor display went pitch black as if I turned off my monitor, the other 2 monitors were not displaying anything but they didn’t go pitch black, the back lights were still up. 2 seconds later it came back on and my cursor was stuttering for a few seconds. I was really afraid I screwed something up so I put my settings back to stock, booted up fine and everything was normal.

I believe I did a quick sfc scan and it did repair a few things. Overall things seemed fine.

Here I am 3 days later. I did some windows updates and found out one of them causes problems. I uninstalled it and restarted. At the windows updating screen, while it was getting to 80% the same exact problem happened again. However when I boot into windows, you would never know anything is wrong.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem? I’m a little freaked out right now and really afraid while undervolting I damaged something.

The monitor this is happening on is a little over 3 years old.


Uninstall the tuning software, use duu uninstaller to remove all graphics drivers. Reinstall the latest driver from

Check the temperatures and clock speeds

Check the hdds ssds with manufacturer tools