Question Black screen for a time after Windows startup with new GPU (should I be worried?)


Feb 27, 2018
I recently got a new RTX 2060 Ventus XS OC from MSI.

After installing the correct drivers with internet disconnected the GPU performs as it should as far as I'm concerned. there is a coil whine-like buzz when I play BeamNG but I don't hear it in any other tested game.

As I'm writing it still performs as it should do. After installing the Nvidia display session container update (which later listed itself as just: "Nvidia-Display") queued by Windows Update there is a black screen for 20 seconds before login. The monitor stays on but puts itself to sleep for a few seconds within this time. After that everything seems to be fine I think, performing as it should do. I upgraded from a GTX 660 and it didn't happen with that. The "last BIOS" time in task manager stays constant at 12.1-12.3 seconds. I don't think it is a BIOS thing though as this is post-windows logo, (still, seems quite long though???)

Long story short, should I be worried or is this just one of those things? Thanks in advance.

Intel i3-8350k, 16GB DDR4-2400, MSI RTX 2060 Ventus XS OC, Crucial 240GB BX SSD, WD Blue 2TB, EVGA 750GQ, Windows 10 Home 1903 Build 18362.657



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