Question Black Screen from Static Shock

Jan 15, 2022
Hello all,

My issue: Monitor screen goes black (no signal detected) when touching peripheral device (microphone)
Situation example: I leave my desk, go get some coffee, return to desk,. Moment I touch my headset/microphone, screen goes dead

Observations :
  1. Upon black screen, the audible computation noises of my graphics card ceases (maybe indicating an issue with the computer, not monitor)
  2. Yes, I walk across a wool carpet. And I have plenty of leg/arm hair. So I know I accumulate static e- as I move
  3. Just replaced my PSU. So I know it's not a faulty PSU issue (maybe?)
  4. Unplugging my headset (analog 2-channel), I still experience this issue (with my USB microphone plugged in). This is further leading me to believe it is a static e- issue (maybe?)
  5. My motherboard sits directly on top of the mounting posts for the case (not sure if relevant)

I am thinking one of two things:
  1. My USB microphone and motherboard are extremely sensitive to static e-
  2. I have bad 120VAC grounding from the receptacle to my circuit breaker

Anybody have ideas / experience with this outrageously annoying issue? Please help........
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