Question black screen. GPU possibly dying. GPU failed in three after three months.


Sep 9, 2018
So I am experiencing a new issue with my computer that I think has to do with the graphics card. I recently replaced my failing gtx 1050 in late September with a msi rx 570. Now after a few months of no issues on the new card I am again experiencing problems. I try and play a browser game or try to open a program as simple as discord and everything freezes up, the screen goes black, my night light turns off, and everything just basically stops working. I did try reinstalling the drivers with no luck. I am assuming the problem is in fact with the graphics card because of the black screen issue. I tried to open up the radeon software to check up on everything but that crashed as well while using it. My computer case does not have a side panel as it shattered about a year ago. I'm sure this definitely affects performance but I didn't think it could break a gpu in a span of 3 months especially as I am not a big gamer. If anyone could offer some assistance or help diagnose the issue that would be great. Thanks.