Question Black screen issue due to RAID mode in bios

Aug 8, 2021
After a failed overcloacking, my pc began showing black screen after i login on windows.
I searched what is the problem but didnt find anything so i messed up with my bios.I changed the chipset mode from AHCI to RAID.
After that, the black screen was gone but the pc didnt recognize my HDD.
The bios detected my HDD but not in windows.In peripherals , i have and unrecognized one and it says RAID controller.
When i boot in safe mode my hdd is there but in the normal one there is nothing.
And whn i switched bakc to AHCI mode in bios the black screen problem come back after i log in windows.
My motherboard is an Aorus 450 i pro wifi, so my cmos battery is unreachable to reset my bios.
Im stuck in this loop so if anyone could help me ill appreciate that.
ps:excuse my poor english its not my native language
thx !