Question Black Screen NVIDIA Driver

Sep 27, 2019

I was playing Arkham Knight when suddenly the screen went black. When I restarted the PC, it loaded the bios and when it had to load the Windows, again the screen went black. I tried to solve the problem with the System Recovery option and I couldn't solve the problem either. Then I tried to restore Windows 10 and apparently everything was fine, until Windows had to load and the black screen went back on.

The day before I tried to open the Geforce Experience and I got the error 0x0003 when opening it, so I decided to download the last driver (436.30) and install it, apparently without problems.

I had to reinstall Windows 10 from 0, however again the same problem occurred 3 times. The first when trying to install the driver (436.30) downloaded from the NVIDIA page. The second one installing the driver from the Windows device manager, and the third one out of nowhere, I assume that windows downloaded the driver and installed it in the background and gave me the black screen again.

I had to restore the system, disconnect the PC from the internet and download the driver version 430.86. I did a clean installation and only the driver, which apparently gave solution to the problem since until now everything remains normal. But my question is what security can I have when installing the following NVIDIA drivers and that the same problem does not occur again.

Sorry for my english btw and thanks for the help