Question Black screen on Acer Aspire 7 when Power On/Boot ?

Jul 19, 2021
Hello everyone , I am desperately looking for help. Honestly I don’t know what’s wrong and/or what else to do.

Basically I did open my acer laptop to change the thermal paste. I put all the pieces back together the way they been before and now it doesn’t boots on anymore.

Few symptoms that I found out is that if I put my only ram card on the slot it has been before opening , it boots 3 times really quick , and shuts down , all in black screen .

If I put it on the second slot, it turns on , black screen and the fan doesn’t run unless it is very very hot. Also same thing happens with no ram


Few things that I have tried to do are:

  • Dismounted all the pieces inside and put them back together, I did check all the pins and they are fine
  • Removed the battery and check if it’s bad
  • CMOS battery removed for 30 mins
  • Battery reset with the paper clip
  • Removed the static energy every single time by pressing power button for 60 seconds
What could be wrong ??