Question Black screen on asus eee pc netbook

Ovidiu Plesa

May 27, 2014
So recently I bought an untested asus eee pc netbook without a charger (that's why the owner couldn't test it), I bought a charger yesterday and plugged it in, I switched it on only to be welcomed by a black screen. The thing is that the wifi and hdd LEDs would lit for a second and the shut off, the power LED is on and the battery LED flashes red, also the fan seems to not be spinning (it is not filled with dust, I opened it) and even if I try to connect an external monitor I'd still get a black screen. I think it could be a BIOS problem and that I need to flash it but I don't know how to flash a bios from a black screen. I also installed an HDD I had lying around (the previous owner removed it for privacy issues, I'm cool with that since I don't have to buy one anyway), I also tried the USB ports to see if the motherboard can output power and it can. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I just did a continuity test on the resistors in the area encircled in the photo and I found out that some of them are shorted, if that's the CPU area does that mean that the CPU is fried?

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