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Question Black screen on boot right before the log-in screen


May 13, 2016
A couple months ago I had a complete OS freeze that forced me to physically shut down the machine, the entire OS was frozen and I had no way of interacting with it.
After that happened, my PC started hanging at a black screen that lasts about 15 seconds, before continuing to the log-in screen and working as usual.
I have windows installed on an SSD, the OS used to fully boot in about 8-10 seconds, now it takes somewhere around 20 - 30 seconds.

I did notice that this only happens when booting the machine from scratch, but when booting from hybernation or rebooting, the freeze doesn't happen.

I haven't noticed any performance issues ever since the crash happened, I checked my SSD's health with their proprietary software, and I also ran sfc /scannow and all those commands that microsoft recommends to use whenever something is broken, but no luck. Performing a clean boot does appear to fix the issue.

System details:

Windows 10 pro 1909 (I've already gotten two minor updates ever since the crash happened but they did not help with the issue)
240Gb Kingston SSD (OS)
2Tb Seagate 7200rpm HDD (other)
i5 7600 3.93GHz
gtx 1060 6Gb