Question Black Screen on Boot up When PC is shutdown for Hours.


Feb 1, 2016
Okay. I'm really lost and frustrated now. Dont know what's causing it.

Here's what's happening to my PC in the past couple of days.

When I power on my PC, The monitor wont pickup signal for about 5-10 minutes same goes for my keyboard's leds. then after that my monitor backlight will turn on but no display it's just black screen. At first i thought my GPU just died. But after leaving my pc for a while with just black screen then i pressed the reset button it booted to windows like there's no issue. I even ran GPU and CPU benchmarks and system seems to be fine. Tried restarting and shutting down it and still boots to windows just fine. But the problem is, every time i leave my PC shut down for hours and when i turn on my PC the problem comes back too. I have to go through with those process again and again just to use my PC. I also thought my storage might causing it. I tried to unplug my ssd and hdd. Sometimes it boots to BIOS right away as it should be. But sometimes it wont. same problem.

Anyone had this problem? Any input is appreciated.. Thanks!