Question Black Screen On Boot Windows 7 After Logo Driver Issue


Feb 25, 2015
Have a Windows 7 machine, that gives black screen after boot up logo that is unresponsive and does not show mouse. I have narrowed the problem down to the video drivers.

Single monitor setup.
Normal boot results in above, showing windows logo and then black screen with no responsiveness. No sound either.
Boots in Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking with no issues.
Found that uninstalling video drivers and immediately rebooting allows normal boot.
Attempted to install freshly downloaded drivers, did not work on reboot.
- during this windows kept trying to install the drivers, is there a way to have windows stop installing itself and let me install only?

Card is an AMD Radeon R9 270. I can download their newest drivers but as I said it didn't work. Should I try an older set of drivers just in case?

Card may have overheated some before this. System was taken apart and dust removed (was significant) before this happened. Card may be bad but as I said, works just fine in Safe Mode.

Had an Occulus Rift connected but was not connected while troubleshooting, is that a possible issue as well?

Thank you for any suggestions.