[SOLVED] Black screen on both displays

Jul 17, 2020
Hi! So i recently got my new laptop and decided to plug it into my desktop monitor, the monitor however started running on the integrated graphics and i tried to solve that. The first thing i saw to do is to try and disable the integrated graphics from device manager. This did stop the monitor from running on integrated graphics however it was not on the gpu but rather a microsoft display adapter or something like that. I then tried to reactivate it however both screens went black and a reboot didn't fix anything. Also, on the laptop screen i saw the lenovo logo that shows up when you boot the laptop. The monitor is a LG 1920x1080 75Hz monitor and the laptop is a lenovo thinkbook 15 g2 itl (I5 1135G7, NVIDIA mx450). Another thing, the music stopped playing as soon as i enabled the integrated graphics.

EDIT: So i did win+shift+ctrl+b, it made a beep sound and now the screen looks like its getting turned off and on constantly (this has been going on for about 7 min)

EDIT 2: It fixed itself after letting it charge for around 5 minutes, I think the battery didn't have enough power to show the display!
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