Question black screen on monitor connected using hdmi port from gpu

Nov 4, 2019
I already run with zotac gt730,its working fine.But when i connected a zotac gtx 1050ti and initially it was booted and works fine.After 2 hours when i turn on system there is a black screen in monitor with a successive post(can hear normal beep sound and can hear windows logon sound)I reinsert hdmi port but nothing changed.
My board is asus H81mc-s coupled with core i3 4150
When i tested with similar system but different mobo Gigabyte H81s during post i can hear 3 beep sound and failed to boot.(But initially it was working fine)
and again checked in my system windows logons but still dark screen.
Does hdmi port malfuctioned?
or the GPU dead?I don't have any cable and connectors to connect it with other gpu ports.
My spec:
i3 4150
asus H81mcs
8gb ddr3 ram
240gb kisgston a400 ssd
450w powersupply

Suppose if i attached my 1050ti on board and i load windows using igpu,will in device manager can i see 1050ti??? I checked it with 1050 ti and didnot shown in device manager.(Didnot tried it with Gt730)

Bios is updated,Latest nvidia driver installed,integrated gpu disabled in bios
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The MB has newer BIOS, you can use the iGPU too, so the problem related to either the PSU or gtx1050ti.
1) Maybe the driver, try to use DDU to uninstall the old/new driver ( use the gt730), then switch to the gtx1050ti.
2)Try other PSU, because we don't know what exactly PSU you had, because the PSU may have problem to handle the gtx1050ti.
3) The gtx1050ti may have problem, test it in other PC if you can.

One more, which BIOS does your MB have? UEFI or legacy ?
Nov 4, 2019
Problem is with the GTX 1050.I have already mentioned that I tested this gpu in gigabyte board and shows 3beep sound instead of booting.but for my system I can able to boot and can hear windows logon screen.
And both GT 730 and 1050ti have same driver software,though for my satisfaction i have download latest software from Nvidia for gtx1050ti.But still not works.
So the problem persist with the GPU.Even if I not installed the driver it should show bios screen.But still in black screen.
Is this due to malfunction of HDMI port?Did it work with other ports?(I don't have cable to check)and one important thing is that when I get connection from HDMI it didn't losing the connection until I again turnoff and turn on pc.
I have UEFI bios