Question Black screen on TV when connected to Desktop PC.

Nov 25, 2019
I like to think I am pretty computer savvy, however this one has be stumped. My wife wants me to connect our custom built desktop to our TV rather than using the monitor we have. For some reason, I have always had problems with connecting displays to my PCs. The issue I currently have is the screen being black, even when duplicating displays, the TV still remains black.

More info and what I have tried;

As mentioned the desktop is custom built, however the GPU it is using is a Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB.
My TV is a Vizio, although a little older, it can display 1080p at 120hz.
I have tried both extended and duplicate display settings.
I have tried a handful of resolution and refresh settings, including a custom 1920x1080 @ 120hz option.
I have tried all HDMI ports on the TV and I have used both the HDMI and DVI (using DVI to HDMI) outputs on the PC.
I have tried the routine off and on again, and in certain orders.
I have tried changing settings on the TV, but none of which I have found to be useful.
My GPU/PC does not have have a VGA output, so I cannot test that with the TVs VGA input.

Nothing works thus far.
The TV is reading that a signal is there, but still remains a black screen.

Any lead to the right direction would be much appreciated.