Question Black Screen problem on Lenovo Yoga 900-13isk ?

Apr 30, 2021
Hello everyone,

I have this Lenovo Yoga 900-13isk (Intel i7, 16gb ram) that was working for a good 3 years. Now when I try to use it, the screen turns black. At first, it would only happen now and then, but as of late it does it every time I turn it on. And it's not the same way every time, it could happen in the following ways:
  • As soon as enter my password to log in
  • Immediately after I start up Chrome
  • Starting Chrome, going to youtube, and then going into full screen on a video
  • Sometimes just randomly.
I had someone look at it and they told me it might be something with the storage device that runs Windows (it has a 1T SSD). They weren't able to work on it though because they moved away.

I've searched online for solutions but nothing that I have found matches the problem that I have. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

What OS version are you on? Ideally you should be on version 20H2 seeing how you should be on Windows 10. Also, see if the laptop has any BIOS updates pending. Following that, try and use DDU to uninstall your current GPU drivers, then reinstall said GPU drivers with the latest from Nvidia's support site. If all you have is a single HDD, how many partitions does said HDD have?