Question Black screen problem that's driving me crazy

Apr 16, 2020
So I have this problem where when I'd be playing any game then after like 10 mins my screen would suddenly turn to black and act as if it's in sleep mode, the audio sometimes would still be there in a way like I'd be able to hear the background music of the games for example (note that I should be hearing more then that) also the PC itself remains on and the fans keep spinning.

So anyway at first I thought that it was a power supply problem since I had quite an old model so I bought a new power supply but the problem continued, then I thought maybe my parts were overheating so I installed MSI afterburner and observed them while playing but they were usually fine and rarely ever passed 70C.

I thought then it might be a driver issue so I updated my drivers but that didn't help, I tried deleting my drivers using DDU and reinstalling them, the problem remained, I thought maybe my GPU was becoming faulty so I tried Stress testing it on multiple programs like Furmark and left it usually an hour in each test, nothing happened and the GPU got through most of the tests fine without passing 70C, after that my next guess was that the cable connecting the monitor and GPU was becoming faulty so I replaced it and used different sockets. no luck. Then I thought it might be because of the Rams or CPU, tried stress testing both on programs like AIDA64, both got through the tests fine, I tried updating windows and checking event viewer for clues, no luck still.

My specs are:GTX 1050Ti
H310M Board
8gb 2666Mhz ram

This problem began occurring around a month ago and note that sometimes I would have days where the PC worked flawlessly then the next 5 mins into any game this problem would occur but it's been getting more often recently, At this point I'm out of ideas on what to do next I tried nearly every method I found online but nothing worked so I'm asking here, Thanks in advance and sorry in my English is bad it's not my first language.
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