Question Black screen problem


Aug 16, 2018
Hello guys,

I am posting this here because i am 99% sure either my motherboard is broken or i have failed to properly install it.

After building my current PC i stored my old P5Q motheboard with Q6600 CPU safe, hoping that one day i can build a secondary PC with my beloved components that have never failed me in 10 years, yes 10. And the time has come. But i have a problem, no image on the display.


  • P5Q has no integrated gpu, so i am using my old GTX 750 ti for this;
  • Display works , has power and it shows " No signal detected" when is not connected to my GPU;
  • Cables are working. I tried with both DVI and with Display port, same result. On the other PC with the same GPU they work;
  • GPU works because i tried it on my main PC with signal and all. On P5Q the GPU fan spins. GTX 750ti has no need for a power adapter, it's the single fan version;
  • I tried with another GPU (RX580) and the fans spin as well but the screen remains black;
  • I checked the HDD it works on other PC has win 7 installed;
  • CPU works, fan spins;
  • Both PSU Power connectors are firmly slotted in place;
  • Ram sticks are slotted;

  • From what i know any hardware error (CPU, Ram, GPU ) will trigger the Beep signal, that is not the case;
  • Maybe the PCI Express slot is broken? But it worked last year when i used the PC, and the GPU fan spins, so it must receive power (as i said above, the GPU has no additional connectors);
  • No integrated GPU on the mobo so i cannot check that way;
  • I am pretty sure i missed plugging a cable or something, or maybe i need to reset the Bios batterry?
Again, the display is black and the monitor LED is flashing like it's staying in stand by mode. I cannot even reach BIOS.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.