Question Black screen, sound still going, XBL chat/discord still responsive too.


Jul 29, 2014
Hi guys,

I've recently built a new PC (Aorus Elite X570, R7 3700X, RX5700). I have reused the Corsair RM750i PSU I've been using for about 3,5 years now.

PC occasionally, all of a sudden, loses signal (NO SIGNAL error on monitor) while the sound is still going, and people on my discord/Xbox LIVE party or whatever can still hear me and I can hear them as well. Keyboard and mouse are not responsive at this point (LED's on keyboard still on, toggle-led unresponsive).

To me, it doesn't seem like the entire system is crapping out.

A thing that is pretty confusing to me, however, is the following:

I've been having these exact same issues on my previous rig (4670K/R9 290X and that same RM750i PSU) as well. The screen would usually go black with the 'no signal' error after waking the PC from sleepmode, or while idling/browsing the web.

I have ran all sorts of tests on my old and new hardware; Prime95, FurMark, MemTest86, Intel Burn Test. I don't even come close to max TDP, and I'm currently running everything at stockspeeds.

The only way to 'fix' the problem is by manually restarting the PC.

What do you guys think? PSU culprit? Tacky drivers? I'm lost.
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