Question black screen trying to install windows 10 from USB, no BIOS etc

Feb 27, 2021
i7-4790K (not overclocked, never was)
Z97-HD3 motherboard

brand new 1TB samsung 860 EVO SSD.
brand new USB version windows 10 home (microsoft's USB, I didn't create this USB)

monitor is some ~$200 Samsung LED LCD (can get model # if really needed but is blocked by vesa adapter bracket currently).

I had this problem trying to REFRESH windows 8.1 and then it froze.

As suggested I bought a brand new SSD and Windows 10 and hoping to retrieve my data off the previous Win 8.1 SSD.

Well, I removed the old SSD, hooked up the new blank one, put the Windows 10 USB direct to a motherboard slot, power up and nothing is shown on screen in order to enter BIOS and select boot from USB and install Windows. I plugged monitor direct to motherboard also instead of the GPU which might not have a driver yet to work.

My keyboard is an ikbc F87. backlight.
With 8.1, it would often not be found on boot up, I had to re-plug it, I figured it was some stupid 8.1 driver issue. It's happening now but I can just quickly re-plug it and see the backlights go on but I press F12 and no BIOS, I don't see anything on the screen it's just black.

Any ideas lol!?
No driver is needed for the installation or the bios to show up.
If you only have a black screen then you did something wrong maybe something got lose or in the worst case something broke.
Do you get any fan noise and lights when you turn the system on? Do you have any other display, maybe a TV or something that you can try, to figure out if the issue is with the system or the display.

Having to re plug things to make them show up could also be a hint towards something on the mobo being on its way out.
Feb 27, 2021
I got it to boot, maybe because I removed the GPU or from pressing a bunch of F keys upon startup, but now it's showing this screen I haven't seen in any 'how to install windows 10' videos.

Choose Advanced Options for Windows Setup (64-bit)
Safe Mode
Safe Mode With Networking
Safe Mode With Command Prompt

Enable Boot Logging
Enable Low-Resolution video
Debugging mode
Disable automatic restart on system failure
Disable Driver signature Enforcement
Disable early launch Anti-malware

Start Windows Normally


EDIT, I hit esc, apparently that was an advanced options f8 menu or something, now it seems to be installing normally.