Question Black Screen Under Load

Dec 23, 2019
Hello Everyone,

This is an issue that I only have while playing one game and I'm unsure what could be causing it. When playing Path of Exile after around 5-10 minutes my screen will go black and all the fans in my system will go full speed. I can hear audio for a few seconds after the crash, but after that it cuts out and the fans will stay full speed and the monitors will stay on a black screen until I manually power off my PC. I've monitored my GPU temps while playing and right before crashing the temps were below 50C so I don't think it is due to GPU overheating. I also recently replaced the thermal paste on my GPU. (This issue was happening before I replaced the thermal paste). I've supplied a link to my system parts below. I've also used Ryzen Master to monitor my CPU temps while gaming and they seem to be a non issue.

It's also worth noting I have already updated my BIOS to the most recent version, ran DDU, and did a clean install of graphics drivers, and ran windows memory check to ensure that it's not a memory issue. I suppose it could be a power supply issue; however it would be strange that it only occurs when I'm playing this one game as surely my GPU is under full load in other games as well. Also my SSD is at about 1/3 capacity if that matters.