Question Black Screen - Video Cable Issue?

Jan 11, 2020
Hi there,

I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue I've been having with my laptop (an Asus N550JK-CN357H).
For a while now, my screen will remain black when I turn it on. Judging by the status lights and the peripherals coming to life, it is running (I can enter my Windows PIN code at some point, which turns on the keyboard's backlight). I could also access the BIOS without issues.

At first, shutting down the device, closing and reopening the lid and turning it back on again solved the issue for a while.
Then that would no longer work, but I noticed it would always turn on if I opened the lid about 30 degrees and then pressed the power button.
This was inconvenient but at least it worked for a long time. The past few weeks, this method has also stopped worked.
As a last resort, I've now connected the laptop to and external monitor by means of an HDMI cable, which works without issue (at least I can back up my files, just in case).

I've tried the most obvious solutions, such as making sure my drivers are up to date, checking the BIOS to see if I didn't mess up a setting involving the graphics card, using a spare power brick etc. I've tried to find an answer in the Quick Fix guide here, without any solution. Looking through these (and other) forums, I found people with similar issues. In those cases, it was likely a faulty video cable connecting the motherboard to the display. So I found a guide on how to open up the laptop and went looking for said cable.

This is how the cable looks like on both ends:

Motherboard side

Display side

I reseated it, both at the motherboard's end and at the display's. In doing so, I noticed that the cable did get contorted quite a lot by opening/closing the lid, which led me to believe the cable somehow got unplugged in doing so. That also seemed to match with my temporary solution of booting the device with the lid half-open. The display worked like this for a short while, then the same issue resurfaced. Opened the laptop, reattached the LCD cable, display worked for a while, stopped working, repeat.

Fast forward a few weeks and the display has stopped working whatever I do. Rebooting, opening the lid in a certain position, reattaching the LCD cable - nothing works. I'm starting to believe the video cable has been twisted/manipulated too many times and has simply broken down.

TL;DR Screen remains black, but works fine with external monitor. Possibly faulty LCD cable?

I would appreciate some advice on what else I could try.
Would you guys come to the same conclusion regarding the faulty LCD cable?
If so, is it simply a matter of finding a spare cable which is compatible with my device?

Thank you!