Question Black screen when gaming - troubleshooting recommendations


Jul 29, 2013

Hoping for some advice for anyone who's had similar issues. Over the last 4 months my computer has been randomly black screening when gaming. Suddenly my monitors will go black with no warning, no audio beep errors. Audio stops and does not continue. I have to manually restart the computer and when I do there are no issues on restart or loading back into a game.

It does not happen frequently, but it has been happening more often recently and before any of the components go out of warranty I want to diagnose and fix it.

I cannot recall this ever happening in a non-gaming scenario. Because I use my computer for coding and compiling (UE4), I am certain that the issue is linked in some way to my GPU (either not getting enough power, or failing on its own) rather than the CPU or RAM, despite the CPU being overclocked as an obvious culprit.

I have tried the normal ream of fixes (Windows 10 re installation, fresh drivers, plugging GPU directly into mobo instead of riser cable). Temps are not an issue.

My specs are as follows:
  • CPU - i7 5820k Overclocked 4GHz (stable, overclocked since purchase using mobo preset) (< 4 years old)
  • Mobo - ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer 3.1 USB (<4 years old)
  • RAM - 2x 8GB DDR4 Avexir (<4 years old)
  • GPU - Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080Ti Xtreme (< 2 years old)
  • PSU - EVGA Gold 850W G2 (<4 years old)
The GPU is connected via 2 'VGA -> 1x8pin and 1x6pin' cables coming from the GPU to its two 8 pin connections. The connection splits at the end to a 6 pin which is dangling free in the case. It is connected to the VGA 3 and 4 ports of the PSU.

I was planning to do the following, but I would be keen for any advice or recommendations to test before initiating RMAs:
  1. RMA PSU
  2. RMA GPU
  3. RMA Motherboard
  4. RMA RAM

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