Question Black Screen when gfx driver installs



Today i pressed my power button on my pc. It booted but once windows started my monitor said no signal.

R5 2600
Msi b350 gaming plus
16gb 3200mhz
Sapphire nitro rx480 8gb

I went into safe mode, ran ddu, and the pc booted. I installed the latest gfx driver for my rx480 and black screen no signal. I restarted and no signal once in Windows.

I went into safe mode and ran ddu again. This time i just let Windows auto install driver and i still got a black screen no signal.

I have ran ddu than plugged in an r9 290 and it doesn't display any video output after i install the driver. I have also tried different driver versions to no avail.

RX480 8gb (working)
R9 290 (flaky card)
HD5670 (working)

I found my hd5670 will work if i manually install the driver but black screen if windows installs the driver first.

I grabbed another hdd and fresh installed windows with my rx480 in. But it still black screened when the driver installed.

I tried both my r9 290 and rx480 in my other pc and they exibited same issue.

I5 3550
H61 dell
2x4gb hyperx 1600mhz
Msi gaming x 960 2gb
Seasonic m12ii 520 bronze
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Feb 6, 2020
Both AMD and NVIDIA have had pretty awful driver issues recently, from the 5700XT fiasco to NVIDIA drivers not liking cards older than the RTX series / GTX 16 series.

I'd keep an eye on what drivers you use even for the 960 as Colif over in the Windows 10 board has seen a lot of BugChecks recently where the commonalities are new NVIDIA drivers running on a 7/9/10-series GPU.


960 is the only card that works.

None of my 3 amd cards will display video after i install any driver regardless of age of driver. I have tried 2 pc (one amd and one intel). I evem tried a fresh install of windows and same result.

Whats up. Why do amd cards like not work at all for me now?