Question Black screen when GPU is under load ?

Sep 8, 2021
Hello! First time poster here.

I have a high end ITX gaming PC with the following specs:
  • MSI Gaming X trio 3080
  • Ryzen 5900x
  • Asus asus crosshair viii impact mobo
  • Crucial 2x16 @ 3200mhz
  • Silverstone 700w ITX PSU
  • All in a custom water loop
  • WD Black PCIE4 1TB SSD (Boot)
  • WD PCIE3 1TB SSD (Game Storage)
  • 4TB SSD (Mass storage)
And I have been having a problem with my computer black screening on both monitors when I get into some gaming loads. Complete loss of signal, not even a cursor; but I do keep sound. This requires a system restart to fix. It has been a constant but inconsistent issue for a week or two. For example it was completely fine yesterday but today it has been happening a lot.
I can reproduce pretty consistently with the fuzzy doughnut (Furmark)
(Also LOVES to happen when I switch from a casual gamemode to competitive in games like Valorant and Apex)

Things I have tried:
  • CTRL + SHIFT + WIN + B (Restarts the graphics driver) – makes the noise, but otherwise problem persists.
  • I have run hardware info and have not seen anything too suspect with my temperatures (Other than mobo chipset hitting ~90C at load). Other than that neither the CPU or GPU go over 55C under load.
  • I have checked power connections and slot connections. Only thing that is possibly weird is my Display port connector to one of my monitors is a little screwed up on the connector, but I cannot imagine that would break both monitors, and it would persist through a graphics driver restart but is fixed with a windows restart.
  • I have updated my graphics driver and the problem persists.
  • sfc /scannow seemed to make furmark work again for a bit but when I lauched Apex with OBS open I got the black screen again...
Any ideas? I’m leaning towards the PSU not being powerful enough but a number of tech youtubers did videos saying the 30’ series is pretty safe and you can even stretch a 650W PSU…

Update: I checked the windows Reliability monitor and see the below on a few of the days I used my computer. It also has Windows was not properly shut down on a few other ones, but I suspect that is from me using the button to power down the machine when I am having issues. View:
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