Question Black screen when gpu under load

Feb 3, 2023
My monitor goes black when playing games or using Heaven Unigine, but only when using my gpu on my pc.
The pc is still on but i have no sound, nor image.
My specs are:
Ryzen 3 1200
Prime a320mk motherboard
16gb of ddr4 ram
gtx 1050 ti

I tried different ram sticks, and the problem still persists, so i guessed that wasn't the problem.

When i replace the gpu with a 650 ti, it works perfectly, so i thought it was a gpu problem, but then i tried the 1050 ti on a different pc and it works wonders.
The things i have tried are:
DDU and then reinstall the drivers
Reinstall windows, and tried installing minios
Update windows
Did a full check on drivers

Maybe i'm forgetting something but that's about it
Hopefully someone knows how to fix it, bc im already kinda giving up
Feb 3, 2023
Tried installing the latest drivers but started getting bsod, and saw it was because of an incompatibility between the drivers and windows so i downgraded the gpu drivers.
Now i'm using game ready drivers version 516.94 and i was using 528.smth before, the latest one available.

I'll see if i can get my hands on a dvi cable to try to see if the hdmi port is causing problems, but i doubt that's the problem bc it worked fine on the other pc.
Bluescreenview doesn't detect the bluescreens either to try and see what the cause of the problem is.
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