Question Black screen when I start playing, forced to manually restart pc

Aug 29, 2019
Hi, my pc recently started "crashing" whenever I start (or a little bit after) playing a game. It's happened on all the games I tried to play during the past 2 days (Paladins, League of Legends, Overwatch).

I just start the game and usually within 1 to 3 minutes I get a black screen that says "no signal" while I'm still able to hear the audio for a few seconds then it just stops. The pc is still on though, the fans are on and the power button is still lit up. Then I'm forced to manually turn the pc off and restart it. It seemed to happen at times where the graphics would be a little higher than usual (explosion in a game, or even the victory/defeat screen on LoL because it's super laggy for some reason).

I went on holiday for 2 weeks and before leaving everything worked fine, it's only when I got back that this started happening. Also I've had my pc for a few months now and I have never had any issues like that in past, plus the games I mentioned earlier should be easy to run for my pc.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series
RAM: 16.0 GB
MoBo: Gigabyte B450M DS3H
PSU: Corsair VS650

I checked the Event Viewer on my pc and whenever my pc crashes it says "critical" with the message: "The device HID-compliant headset (location (unknown)) is offline due to a user-mode driver crash. Windows will attempt to restart the device 4 more times. Please contact the device manufacturer for more information about this problem."
I have looked my issue up and tried a looooooot of things including making sure all of my drivers are up to date as well as my Windows version. I also made sure all of my cables were plugged properly. I tried many other things, way too many to actually remember everything but all I know is that nothing seemed to work so I'm now posting this because I'm desperate. Please help :(

Ps: I'm a potato at computer stuff so keep that in mind please